Sorry, meant to post this a few days ago but got caught up with track... Last week, the PIAA took a few significant steps toward shortening the football season from its current 16-week format down to 15 weeks. The organization is currently considering two plans to shorten the season, and could vote on them as early as July. To get all the details, check out the Patriot-News story here. Really, this seems to make too much sense not to happen. Last year, the high school state football championships stretched all the way to the week before Christmas. That's just too long. Already, the football season bleeds into winter sports, and 16 games is a lot to ask of any young athlete. Yes, it's only a one-game difference, but every game helps. Plus, I think just about everybody would agree that slashing off one postseason is a much better option that reducing the regular season to nine games, from its current 10. Regardless, it looks like change could be on the way. What does everyone think of cutting down the football season?

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