Michael Hogg is a sophomore tennis player at York Suburban:

How long have you been playing tennis?

About nine years now. I started by trying a bunch of different sports. I got started at the country club in York and really liked it and stuck with it. I play leagues at Wisehaven Tennis Center over the winter. I also attend tennis camp over the summer. It's called GZ Tennis camp.

How did this season go?

It went really well. We had a lot of fun. Evan (Andrews) was there. He played No. 1 for us this year and placed third in states. He boosted team moral and was a great asset. I played No. 2 for singles. I went 8-4. For doubles, it was a good season as well. I just didn't keep track of my record. We won the (YAIAA) championships in doubles.

What is it about tennis that you enjoy?

I really like the camaraderie and having fun and going out there and hitting the ball.

Which pro tennis player is your favorite?

I would have to say either Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal.

What is the highlight of your high school tennis career so far?

Last year I played No. 1 as a freshman. Both years I have been team captain. This year we won the (YAIAA) championships in doubles.

What is your favorite TV show?


What is one junk food you can't live without?

Vanilla ice cream

What is your favorite night before a big match meal?


What is one song I would find on your iPod?

"City on our Knees" by Toby Mack

Best advice you have ever received?

Leave it all on the court - by lots of people.

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