Little late in getting to this, but apparently the Pennsylvania Volleyball Coaches Association recently released it's All-District teams from around the state. Since this is the season of all-stars (and if you haven't already, check out our springs sports all-stars), I figured I'd post them here. I've listed both the District 3 Class AA and AAA squads after the jump... CLASS AAAFirst TeamDavid Moler, setter, Sr., Central YorkPaul Kuhn, outside hitter, Sr., Central YorkKyle Wisner, middle hitter, Sr., Central York Mitch Stahl, middle hitter, So., Chambersburg Matt Seifert, middle hitter, Sr., Exeter Sean Snyder, opposite hitter, Sr., Hempfield Andrew Roberts, opposite hitter, Sr., Lower Dauphin Brady Markle, opposite hitter, Sr., Spring GroveSecond Team Kevin Ecklund, libero, Jr., Central Dauphin Patrick Devine, libero, Sr., Exeter Ryan Rimby, outside hitter, Sr., Exeter Ryan Coldren, opposite hitter, Sr., Governor Mifflin Nick Oberholtzer, libero, Sr., Hempfield Mark Feiler, outside hitter, Sr., Hempfield Ben Mathews, libero, Sr., Spring GroveMitch Warner, middle hitter, Sr., Spring GroveThird TeamWesley Richardson, opposite hitter, Sr., Central YorkAaron Goodyear , defensive specialist, Sr., Central York Tate Frazer, outside hitter, Jr., Chambersburg Barrett Wingard, outside hitter, Jr., Dallastown Dan Hostetter, middle hitter, Sr. Hempfield Caleb Gorton, outside hitter, Sr., Lower Dauphin Dylan Weber, outside hitter, Jr., Penn Manor Cameron Mummert, outside hitter, Sr., Spring Grove Galen Kane, outside hitter, Sr., Warwick CLASS AAFirst teamIan Tyger, opposite hitter, Sr., NortheasternNic Shoemaker, setter, Sr., NortheasternRyan Lamparter, opposite hitter, Jr., Dover Seth Nagle, outside hitter, Sr., Garden Spot Reid Lowery, libero, Sr., NortheasternDan Myers, middle hitter, Sr., Eastern YorkAlex Reichard, middle hitter, Sr., Northeastern Zach Prexta, outside hitter, Red Land Second team Ryan Kroekel, middle hitter, Sr., Holy Name Joel Harnly, opposite hitter, Sr., Manheim Central Nick Lentz, middle hitter, Jr., Holy Name Fred Gard, outside hitter, Jr., York Surburban Taylor Eberly, outside hitter, Sr., Garden Spot Dylan Stein, outside hitter/libero, Sr., Eastern YorkKody Deiter, setter, Jr., York Surburban Josiah Hershberger, middle hitter, So., Manheim Central Third team Aaron Swarr, middle hitter, Sr., Manheim Central Matt Lauver, outside hitter, Sr., Lanc. Mennonite Peter McGowan, middle hitter, Sr., Wyomissing Pat Clouser, setter, Jr., Holy Name Ted Hinnenkamp, opposite, Jr., York Suburban Chris Bilinski, middle hitter, Sr., Reading Central Catholic Jaryd Eshler, outside hitter, Jr., York Suburban Cole Hoover, libero, So., Lanc. Mennonite Kyle Perri, middle hitter, Sr., Brandywine Heights Robbie Lawyer, setter, So., Manheim Central Thomas Bonitz, outside hitter, Jr., Susquehannock

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